An Image Is Worth A Thousand Words

Digital Imaging

Imaging is the cornerstone of ‘Visual Charting’ residing intuitively within our comprehensive periodontal and restorative chart, electronic documents, treatment planning and clinical notation. 'Pulling' a patient chart provides a visual-tour of your record allowing a heuristic approach to the patient chart.

Aquire your images directly into your chart - no more “bridges” to other applications. Imaging works fantastically with virtually all digital devices; sensors, cameras and pan/ceph units. Take advantage of ‘Visual Charting’ -- and provide yourself some peace of mind.


Pictures or Video, you decide. Digital x-ray, intraoral or extraoral pictures -- it all works seamlessly within your chart.

Experience Drives Innovation.

Keep up-to-date with how an innovative attitude and today's technology .... can work for you !!