Your Stratum Support Team - More Than Help Desk Assistance

Support that 'Stacks-Up'

Let's Partner


Sharing A Vision

Although the term 'support' has become synonymous with techno help-desks manned by strangers you've never met... we believe real 'support' comes from partnership.

Ideas that Work


Collaboration Works

We all need to do the 'right' things ... right. When things go 'wrong', or you need a partner to help you think 'big picture'. You will be assisted by a product specialist that knows you, that understands your business and has done the 'homework' to understand the way you are implementing your technology and teams.

Win !


Getting the Work Done, Goals Accomplished.

Stratum Access' team of experienced consultants and support specialists are here to help. Whether by online chat, email, phone support, comprehensive inter-connectivity, we're ready to help.

Stratum Core Values

Our value-statements provide us a measuring device against which we evaluate ourselves as a company. Our value statements give words-and-meaning to the values that we decide to live by daily.

Deliver Excellence In Products and Services

Listen Attentively / Speak the Truth

Drive Innovation

Embrace Change

Keep the Big Picture In Mind

Maintain Passion in Everything

Encourage Creativity

Facilitate Open-Mindedness

Inject Fun Into 'Work'

Play Well With Others

We deliver precise strategic thinking and direction that can turn your concept from vision to reality. The main core of our strategy is achieving targeted and measurable results. We can help you plan and implement your organizational/paperless efforts!

Our Challenge

From initial fact-finding, to developing successful strategies, through training and implementation -- into advice-desk and consult; we strive to keep our clients growing in their ability to service their own customers, clients, patients...whatever.

Of course, our goal is to minimize the frustration, loss of productivity and increased costs of not knowing what-to-do next. Our on-the-spot telephone support assistance will get you and/or your team back in the game ... in style.

We are Driven

We treat our customers with respect and professionalism, aimed at building long-standing relationships, striving for excellence while accomplishing the 'task' on hand. Our goal is to have our customers know we value .. and care for them !!

Empathy takes time, and efficiency is for things, not people. Stephen Covey

How we Deliver

As a company, we work with our customers to help them organize in ways that make sense to them. Most of our clients are amazingly expert at 'what they do' -- but are unable to survive and excel with their existing organizational tools. Many don't even understand why they continually feel like their desktops; their workflow --- is out-of-control. We provide expertise in:

  • OnLine Collaboration
  • Web 'Right-Now' Diagnostics
  • Network and Digital-Tools TechDesk
  • OnLine Update Service
  • HelpDesk-Phone Support with a Friend

Experience Drives Innovation.

Keep up-to-date with how an innovative attitude and today's technology .... can work for you !!