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Securing PHI Is Critical to Your HIPAA Compliance

We've Made It Affordable ...and Easy


In fact, it couldn't be any easier. You and/or your staff simply click a 'Send Encrypted' icon instead of the standard 'Send' button -- and you have just forwarded patient health information within a secure,encrypted and password protected tool. It is THAT simple. Automated and integrated correspondence (patient statements, follow-up treatment correspondence, etc.) can also be -- built right in!  

From Your Desktop, Tablet or Mobile Phone !

Sharing information has become an integral part of everyday operations, and we must ensure you have the right tools at your fingertips. While there are numerous options for file sharing solutions, few provide the security, ease of use and features necessary. With caregivers utilizing personal devices professionally (Cell Phones, Tablets, etc...), protecting sensitive data is becoming substantially more difficult, but an established policy and and our enterprise-grade solution will both mitigate risk and enhance your professional image.

Protecting and Securing PHI

Users can now encrypt and secure email and attachments via email with simple and affordable tools, integration directly with your email client software. A simple right-click – and you can attach an object to an outgoing email via Microsoft Outlook. An example would be be to choose your films or patient photos from within the patient chart. With a simple 'right-click' choose ‘Email’ or “Email to Contact’. Your Outlook mailbox should now launch and attach your objects, allowing you to address your communication and insert any related message, as shown:


Secure Communication (What Your Recipient Sees)

The first time you forward PHI to a recipient, they are forwarded a ‘Welcome’ email that informs them you have created a special account for them. The email correspondence includes your own practice logo and includes an activation link expressly (exclusively) for them. This 'link' automatically leads them to your private, secure, ‘cloud’ console that displays your unique practice logo, as well. Logging-in is easy and the webmail-style portal is intuitive and clean. The customized portal will allow your patients, referring doctors (any recipient of secured-mail) to reply to you via the webmail-style interface. Ease-of-use and makes-sense features were behind the design and functionality of the portal.

Big Picture Protection

Every practice needs to evaluate other PHI communications and its security, the use of webmail is a good example. Webmail allows e-communication from any location with internet access. You may also communicate via the mail functionality on your cell phones or tablet, as well. Any and all patient health information requires compliance. Our new toolkit can address all correspondence – regardless of whether it is via Outlook, a browser, a cell phone or tablet!

Show Me The Money!

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules are the main federal laws established to protect PHI. The HIPAA Security Rule sets national standards for the security of electronic personal health information (PHI). While applications and devices are often seen as the main vulnerability to information security, the true threat comes from our day-to-day use of our tools. ComputerWeekly contributor Stephen Hess notes that employees use insecure methods like email and unsecured third-party applications to transfer patient health information. This practice could lead to significant penalties and fines ($10,000 to $50,000). Our email security tools are available as affordable as $9 per email address, monthly. Give us a call today for details, requirements -- and a friendly voice.

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